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Hydrilla Gear's Gen2 tilt bracket

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Works with both POWER POLE and RAPTOR shallow water anchor systems!

Innovation at its finest! Hydrilla Gear is proud to offer its Gen2 shallow water anchor tilt bracket. Manufactured in the USA the Gen2 bracket begins from solid stock AirCraft Grade 6061-T6511 aluminum. Now fully integrated using 316 stainless steel there is no need for additional hardware. We have machined Delrin bushings to help prevent metal on metal surface deterioration and to ensure a tight fit. With the optional disconnect fittings (Sold Separately) you now have the ability to fully remove your shallow water anchor in a matter of seconds.

The optional quick disconnect fittings are specific to whatever generation Power Pole or Raptor you are using. If you have any questions regarding which generation anchor system you own please contact us at 1-800-8-FISH-IT. 


Both 1/4 and 5/16 disconnect kits include all required fittings.

The Power Pole CM2.0  kit includes (3/8) fittings and 2 additional high pressure hoses not shown in the product example pictures.

The Raptor anchor kit includes (3/8) fittings and 2 additional hoses not shown in the product picture.

Superior design and durability over the competition's loose fitting extrusion. Over 1lb lighter than our previous unit totaling 3lbs installed. Delrin bushings to ensure a long lasting no rattle fit High quality 316 stainless hardware. Designed, manufactured, and built in the USA!

Quick Disconnect PDF (1/4 & 5/16)

Quick Disconnect PDF (3/8)

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