S-N2-2 Adapter Plates - Port, Starboard, and Dual



Only available in black.
PK-S-N2-2-S-BLK – Starboard side/Non Braced
PK-S-N2-2-P-BLK – Port side/Non Braced
PKB-S-N2-2-P - Port side/Braced
PKB-S-N2-2-S - Starboard side/Braced
PKD-S-N2-2 - Starboard and Port/Non Braced
PKBD-S-N2-2 - Both Port and Starboard sides/Braced

Fits most Ranger, Triton, Stratos, Phoenix and Champion bass boats with jack plates listed below. Must be mounted minimum of 3" off transom for clearance.
Provides -2" setback and 2" rise. Port and starboard adapters included. We recommend that S style adapter plates to be used on any of the following jack plates:

  • Slidemaster
  • Atlas
  • TH Marine Z-Lock
  • TH Marine Hi Jacker
  • Hydro Dynamics
  • Bob's Machine Shop

For all other brand jack plates, please consult the manufacturer before ordering and installing our side-mounted adapter plates.

All mounting hardware is included.

If used with the 10ft Blade requires the braced version of this kit (PKBD)

Dual Side Mount Universal Bolt Set Installation Instructions
Addendum - Universal Bolt Set for all Single and Braced Side Mounts Plate Kits1

Dual adapter plate kit includes port and starboard side adapters.

For non-transom-mounted installations. Power-Pole adapter plate mounting kit mounts to side of certain jack-plates. Powder coated black finish.

Braced or non-braced S-N2-2 adapters for port, starboard, or as a dual kit.