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Hydrilla Gear's Bulkhead Plate: Power-Pole Models, Black

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Hydrilla Gear's bulkhead plate makes for a clean and custom Power-Pole install!

Hydrilla Gear's bulkhead plate is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and finished in a dark black finish combat the elements.  This bulkhead plate is to be used with all C-Monster2.0 (CM2) model Power-Poles which utilize the high pressure 3/8 fixed (black rubber) hydraulic hoses.

The Power-Pole hoses come from the factory with a rubber grommet preinstalled on the hydraulic hose and IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PURCHASE. Simply install the bulkhead plate to the boat and insert the rubber grommets securely into the hole of the plate. You will need (1) bulkhead plate per Power-Pole.


(1) Bulkhead Plate

(4) Stainless Steel #8 Pan Head Phillips Screws 

TIP: Use the bulkhead plate as a template to locate the Power-Pole hoses prior to drilling the holes for the hoses.