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Extreme Gen3 Action Jac Series Jack Plate™ 12"

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Bob’s Machine Shop has re engineered their world famous jack plate for new 550+hp or 1000lb engines including all V8’s.

The New Gen 3 Extreme Action is wider allowing for Verado installation without the use of spacers.  The Extreme Gen 3 Action has the all in one style pump, built into the jack plate so no hoses or pump to mount inside the boat.  This makes rigging the boat extremely easy!

Through innovative engineering, BMS’s new Extreme Series (TM) jack plates are their strongest yet.

The Extreme Gen 3 Action series jack plates are available in 6, 8, 10 & 12″  setbacks to suit every application.

To help find the correct setback for your boat, give us a call Hydrilla Gear! 1-800-8-FISH-IT

Come pre-drilled for Power Pole and Talon side mount adapter plate applications. May require additional side mount spacer for shallow water anchor installation. See part number AP-SPCR-SIDE

Key Features

       Pump inside jack plate

  • Large powerful motor that can lift heavy outboards under full power

  • Can be converted to have pump inside boat if owner desires to change styles

  • Automotive grease nipples for easy lubrication

  • Tension rods

  • Made in USA, in Tampa, Florida

  • Rated for 550HP / 1000lb Engines.

  • Pre drilled for dual side mount Power Pole brackets.

  • Includes Jack plate, wiring harness, relays, rocker style switch
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 5 Year Action Pump Warranty