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Action Jack Series Jack Plates™

Hydrilla Gear Inc.

$1,040.00 $1,149.00
SKU: 100-106010

Product Overview

The new internal pump has a motor stronger than any other internal jack plate on the market currently, which will offer greater lifting speed, and strength with heavy outboards. All of the Bob's patented features from our standard series, automotive style grease nipples in the side rails, tension rods, and the famous Bob's Machine Shop Design, are all incorporated into the Action Series Jack Plate™.

Offered in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" setbacks, Bob's Jack plates offer 1 piece design, unlike competitors that require setback spacers to achieve the proper setback. Can be pre-drilled for side mount power poles on request when ordering. Please specify port, starboard, or both.

Key Features

Pump inside jack plate Large powerful motor that can lift heavy outboards under full power Lifetime warranty on structure Can be converted to have pump inside boat if owner desires to change styles Automotive grease nipples for easy lubrication Tension rods Made in USA, in our own factory in Tampa, Florida.

Size Specifications

Item# Model: Plate Weight
Max. HP/
Weight (Lbs)
100-106010 6" Action Series 52/23 300/625 6/15
100-108001 8" Action Series 56/25 300/625 8/20
100-111000 10" Action Series 61/27 300/625 10/25
100-112112 12" Action Series 67/30 300/625 12/30
100-114001 14" Action Series 82/37 300/625 14/35

Bob's Machine Shop's new hydraulic jack plate line, "Action Series Jack Plate™", offers new technology in the Jack Plate market. The first Bob's Jack plate to offer a pump inside the jack plate structure, saving boaters room inside the boat, and eliminating the need to mount a pump inside the boat. This is a great OEM feature to help save time in rigging.