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36v 40Ah Platinum Series Lithium Battery DC Combo

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The Impulse Lithium 36V-40Ah Platinum Series Lithium battery combined with our “Charge On the Run” DC Charger is specifically designed for the tournament fisherman or smaller boat owners that want to run a single 36v trolling battery but do not have the storage space for multiple batteries or are looking to shed some weight to get better top speed and hole shot. The 36v-40ah Platinum Series does include Bluetooth monitoring so you can see the exact state of charge and other parameters of the battery.

The DC Charge system connects to the Starting and Trolling Batteries and utilizes your existing bank on your starting battery charger. This system is a Charge on the Run system, when you operate your outboard motor this system will charge your trolling batteries.

If 40Ah doesn’t seem like enough capacity, simply add another 40ah battery in parallel to double the capacity.

This system is a GAME CHANGER for the professional fisherman and are a must have for the serious anglers

NOTE: DC Charger requires a min. 25a input