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24v 60Ah “ALL IN” Lithium Package w/ 12v-120Ah Starting Battery

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The Impulse Lithium 24V “ALL IN” Package allows you to change your entire boat to a Lithium System at a more affordable price.  This system includes our Platinum Series LiFePO4 Batteries, Impulse Lithiums “Charge on the Run” Charger and a Single Bank 25a AC Charger.  With our “Charge on the Run” Charge we make certain your trolling batteries stay charged so you can spend more time fishing.

Included in the package:

  • (1) 12v-120Ah Platinum Series Cranking Battery
  • (1) 24v-60Ah Lithium Trolling Battery
  • (1) Impulse Lithium DC “Charge on the Run” Charger
  • (1) Single Bank 25a AC Charger