Bob's Machine Shop Extreme Gen 3 Jack Plates

Easily Navigate Shallow Waters with Gen 3 Extreme Series Jack Plates

The New Gen 3 Extreme Jack Plates from Bob’s Machine Shop is a revamped version of its renowned jack plate for robust engines, including V8s with 550+hp and 1,000 lbs weight.

With innovative engineering, the Extreme Series offers unparalleled strength and comes in multiple sizes to suit your boat’s needs. Upgrade your boat experience with the Extreme Gen3 Series Jack Plates, complete with a remote mount pump, 7′ hose set, switch, and all necessary wiring.

Extreme Gen 3 Series Jack Plates Sizes

We offer jack plates in sizes ranging from

  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 14 inch

Frequently Asked Questions About Gen 3 Extreme Jack Plates

How much difference does a jack plate make?

A jack plate can make a difference by helping a boat's performance by reducing drag, enhancing speed, improving fuel efficiency, all leading to a better hole shot. The specific difference a jack plate makes will depend on how well it is adjusted to suit your boat and motor.

Will a jack plate increase speed on a boat?

Yes. Jack plates often provide the ability to adjust the angle or trim of the outboard motor, which can reduce resistance. A jack plate also can help your boat have a less submerged lower unit for less drag, which can lead to increased boat speed, especially at higher throttle settings.

What does raising a jack plate do?

Raising the jack plate with the outboard motor positions the propeller higher in the water, which reduces drag, leading to improved speed and fuel efficiency. It can also create a quicker hole shot which can enhance overall boat performance. Raising a jack plate can also help protect the motor from water corrosion to extend its lifespan.