Forward Facing Sonar

Elevate your fishing game with live sonar

Both professional and amateur anglers will improve their fishing game with a forward scanning sonar. Detect fish while getting an accurate view of underwater activity. See how your fish respond to your bait in real time, giving you an edge in your fishing strategy. 

With high-quality imaging and detailed mapping, a forwarding facing sonar can also explore the depths of the water and foresee any rocky terrain that you might otherwise miss. Get the visual information you need from a forward scanning sonar so you can win your fishing game and take your angler skills to the next level!

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Customize your sonar system to your needs, whether fishing in shallow or deep waters, or in clear or murky conditions. Both seasoned and amateur anglers can enhance their fishing experiences with our forward scanning sonar bundles and accessories. Shop now!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Forward Scan sonar work?

    Forward scanning sonars use sound waves to emit high frequency sound pulses that bounce off any objects in their path and return to the sonar, creating a picture of the underwater environment in front of a boat.

    This can be particularly useful for anglers fishing in murky waters, as it can provide a clearer picture underwater even when visibility is limited, giving you a distinct advantage in your fishing.

  2. What is the range of forward looking sonar?

    The range can vary depending on the specific model and type of sonar being used, as well as factors such as water conditions and the size and shape of the object being detected.

    For sonars such as the Garmin Panoptix, the range can reach up to 100 ft, while other sonars such as the Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging has a range of 150 ft.