Power-Pole MOVE ZR Trolling Motor

Experience Unparalleled Power and Rugged Durability

The Power-Pole MOVE ZR is a brushless trolling motor designed to give anglers exceptional power, durability, and efficiency. Available in three titanium shaft lengths, the MOVE ZR provides strong thrust and weed-punishing power, featuring an advanced, reinforced TechFlow propeller, while the motor operates silently with a custom Stealth Steering Drive. WIth the MOVE ZR, you’ll get user-friendly, easy lift-assist deployment, wireless controls, and compatibility with the C-Monster Network for a seamless connect-and-control experience. Highly efficient, it offers 30% more power efficiency and a lightweight design that doesn't compromise on boat speed or fuel economy. Level up your fishing game with the Power-Pole MOVE ZR and move your boat like never before.

Additional Features

Other Features Include:

  • GPS navigation modes
  • Fish-finder integration 
  • Flexible battery setups
  • Aerospace-grade titanium shafts
  • Multi-layered corrosion resistance
  • Compound fail-safes
  • Dyneema Super Cord
  • Custom-built brushless motor
  • Reinforced Techflow Propeller

Power-Pole MOVE ZR Trolling Motor Options

We offered MOVE ZR Trolling Motor in the following colors and shaft lengths:

  • Black
  • White
  • 45” inches
  • 52” inches
  • 60” inches

Frequently Asked Questions About MOVE ZR Trolling Motor 

1. What is the difference between Power-Pole Move PV and ZR?

The Power-Pole MOVE ZR and MOVE PV are two versions of the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor. Both are known for its power and quietness, thanks to its brushless motor and Stealth Steering Drive. HoeThe MOVE PV is also available in 72".

2. How much does a Power-Pole MOVE ZR weigh?

The weight for the MOVE ZR 45” is 53 lbs. The MOVE ZR 52” is 54 lbs, and the MOVE ZR 60” is 55 lbs.

3. Does Power-Pole have a trolling motor?

Yes, the Power-Pole MOVE is a Brushless Trolling Motor known for its strength, quiet operation, and durability.