Power-Pole MOVE PV Trolling Motor

Silent Performance and Ultimate Reliability

The Power-Pole MOVE PV is a trolling motor that redefines total boat control with the latest advanced features and design. As silent as a whisper, this next-generation motor offers exceptional power and durability. Engineered for optimal performance, the Power-Pole MOVE PV is built with Power-Pole’s dynamic Power Unity System, resulting in extraordinary thrust and efficiency at lower RPMs. Compared to competitors, Power-Pole MOVE PV provides a whopping 30% more thrust than the rest of the market, enhanced by its reinforced TechFlowTM Propeller. The aerospace-grade titanium shaft comes in four different lengths and is backed by a lifetime warranty, highlighting unbeatable strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Empower your game with the Power-Pole MOVE PV, a powerful trolling motor that will revolutionize your fishing.

Additional Features

Other Features Include:

  • TechFlow™ Propeller

  • Thrust of 100lbs at 36v

  • Variable speed control

  • Reverse mode

  • Stealth Steering Drive

  • Built-in GPS

  • GPS navigation modes (Anchor Mode, Compass Heading, Vector Heading, Follow-a-Route)

  • Supports flexible battery setups (24-volt and 36-volt)

  • One year of free ProNav support

  • Lifetime warranty on titanium shaft

  • Three-year warranty for other components

Power-Pole MOVE PV Trolling Motor Options

We offered MOVE PV Trolling Motor in the following colors and shaft lengths :

  • Black 

  • White

  • 45” inches

  • 52” inches

  • 60” inches

  • 72” inches

Frequently Asked Questions About MOVE PV Trolling Motor 

1. How do you turn on a Power-Pole MOVE?

Step down on the button to deploy the unit. Adjust the unit to a 90 degree angle, facing down towards the water and go straight into the water. Turn the unit forward and lock it in, and press the switch on. 

2. How much does Power-Pole MOVE PV weigh?

The weight for the Power-Pole MOVE depends on the shaft length. The MOVE PV 45” weighs 46 lbs, the MOVE PV 52” is 47 lbs, the MOVE PV 60” is 48 lbs, and the MOVE PV 72” is 50 lbs. 

3. What is the Power-Pole MOVE?

The Power-Pole MOVE is a high-performance trolling motor designed for anglers seeking advanced technology, durability, and silent operation to enhance their fishing experience.