Lowrance HDS PRO Series

A Chartplotter and Fish Finder with High Definition Active Imaging

Elevate your fishing game with the Lowrance HDS PRO Series, the ultimate companion with advanced fishfinding capabilities. Empowered by features such as Active Imaging, you’ll get high definition underwater views that give you new dimensions of clarity. The HDS PRO chartplotter also has ActiveTarget 2 live sonar, connecting you to the smoothest, and highest resolution imagery. Level up your fishing skills with the Lowrance HDS PRO fish finders today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lowrance HDS LIVE bundles

1. What maps come with Lowrance HDS LIVE?

Lowrance HDS LIVE comes with HDS preloaded C-MAP Contour™+ inland and coastal charts, with bathymetric 1-foot contours on 15,000+ U.S. lakes and 9,400+ lakes in Canada. All Lowrance displays also feature Genesis Live real-time mapping so you can create your own charts, down to 1/2-foot contours.

2. Does Lowrance HDS live have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Lowrance HDS Live series fishfinder and chartplotter have Bluetooth capabilities. These units are designed for marine navigation and fishing purposes, and their Bluetooth functionality can be used for tasks such as connecting to mobile devices, and receiving notifications.

3. Is Lowrance HDS Live compatible with active target?

Yes, the Lowrance HDS Live series is compatible with the ActiveTarget Live Sonar system. The Lowrance HDS Live units are designed to work seamlessly with the ActiveTarget Live Sonar transducer.