Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor

Whisper Quiet with Powerful Performance

The Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor is the latest leap forward in fishing technology, built for strength and durability for powerful performance. Named for its whisper quiet precision, the Ghost Trolling Motor allows fishermen to get closer to their catch without scaring away the fish. The brushless motor delivers 25% more thrust, allowing you to seamlessly glide through the water, while having a longer run time without charging. Whether you're going in for the catch or simply enjoying a day on the water, the Ghost Trolling Motor is designed to elevate your fishing game to the next level.

    Other Features Include:

    • Ideal for larger bass and walleye boats featuring elevated bows
    • Operates quietly, delivering the highest top-end speed
    • Fly-By-Wire Steering for precision control
    • Available with 52- and 60-inch shafts
    • Compatible with plug-and-play Lowrance sonar for easy fish finding
    • Fully integrates with HDS® LIVE, HDS CARBON®, and ELITE™ Ti2 for a unified system
    • Features a customizable foot-pedal for comfort and efficiency
    • Includes a 360° Breakaway Mount

    Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Options

    We offer Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motors in the following configurations:

    • 47" Shaft
    • 52" Shaft
    • 60" Shaft

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Ghost Trolling Motor 

    1. How much thrust does the Lowrance ghost trolling motor have?

    The Lowrance Ghost trolling motor delivers a thrust of 97 pounds using a 24V system and achieves 120 pounds of thrust when powered by three 12V batteries.

    2. Does the Lowrance ghost trolling motor have a spot lock?

    Yes, the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor is equipped with a spot lock functionality known as Anchor Mode. This feature can be engaged through the touchscreen on an HDS Live, HDS Carbon, or Elite-Ti2 device, as well as via the foot pedal.

    3. Does the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor come with a remote?

    Yes, the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor includes a standard remote control, allowing you to operate it from any location on the boat.