Garmin Force Trolling Motors

Powerful, Efficient, and Quiet Performance

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor delivers extraordinary power, allowing for faster boat navigation and superior control in water, but also operates with silence that won’t scare off the fish. This makes it an ideal motor for anglers who rely on stealth and precision for their fishing game. It also has strength to swiftly navigate from one location to another while providing superior resistance against winds and currents.The Garmin Force Trolling Motor is also highly efficient and functions on both 36 V and 24 V settings. At the 24 V level, it provides thrust equivalent to that of competitors' 36-V motors. Durable and rugged, this trolling motor will help you take your fishing to the next level.

    Additional Features

    Other Features Include:

    • Easy chartplotter integration through wireless connection 
    • Precise anchor lock with integrated heading sensor and GPS to hold your boat steady at your fishing spot
    • Offers a wireless foot pedal for instant, responsive control that mimics the feel and steering of a cable-steered pedal
    • Integrated with high-wide CHIRP, traditional, Ultra High-Definition ClearVü, and SideVü
    • Handheld remote control with a full-color transflective display 
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the shaft

    Garmin Force Trolling Motors Options

    We offer Force Trolling Motors in the following sizes :

    • 50" Shaft
    • 57" Shaft

    Frequently Asked Questions About Garmin Force Trolling Motors

    1. What is the thrust on a Garmin force trolling motor?

    The Garmin Force Trolling Motor can generate up to 100 pounds of thrust as per ISO 13342 standards with a high-efficiency propeller at 36 volts, and 80 lbs with a high-efficiency propeller at 24 volts direct current.

    2. What trolling motors are compatible with Garmin fish finders?

    The Garmin Force Trolling Motor is designed to integrate seamlessly with their own line fish finder, including the Garmin Panoptix Livescope. The trolling motor is built to work in conjunction with Garmin's advanced sonar technologies, offering anglers a comprehensive fishing solution that enhances their ability to locate and catch fish.

    3. How many amps does a Garmin force trolling motor draw?

    The Garmin Force trolling motor's amp draw varies depending on the operating voltage and thrust setting. At full power, when operating at 36 volts, the Garmin Force can draw up to 58 amps.