T-H Marine Atlas Standard Jack Plates

Hydraulic Jack Plates for Optimal Efficiency and Speed Performance

Designed to handle heavy outboard engines, T-H Marine’s Atlas Standard Jack Plates have a cutting-edge design featuring a high-tech engineered polymer rod and slot system for seamless and reliable performance. The Atlas Standard Jack Plates integrate the latest breakthrough in one-piece hydraulic technology, renowned for its efficacy in hydraulic design, and blending exceptional rapid response and autonomous lifting capability. 

Additional Features

Other Features Include:

  • Hydraulic actuator made in the US

  • Suitable for engines with a maximum power of 300 horsepower

  • Can achieve full height from bottom to top in under eight seconds.

  • Crafted with materials six times more durable than steel

  • Self-lubricating, eliminating the need for grease

  • Transom-facing atlas measures 16 3/8 inches in width and 12 1/2 inches in height

Atlas Standard Jack Plates Sizes

We offered jack plate sizes ranging from:

  • 4 inch

  • 6 inch

  • 8 inch

  • 10 inch

  • 12 inch

  • 14 inch 

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlas Standard Jack Plates 

  1. What is the difference between a jack plate and a set back plate?

    Similar to set back plates, Jack plates contribute weight and a modest extension between the engine and the transom. However, jack plates also facilitate the vertical adjustment of the engine's position in the water.

  1. Does a jack plate help in shallow water?

Yes, jack plates enhance performance in general and in shallow waters specifically. By attaching your outboard motor to a jackplate, which is either hydraulically or electrically powered and mounted on the boat's transom, you gain the ability to vertically adjust your engine instead of altering the thrust angle.

  1. What is the proper height for a jack plate?

We recommend positioning the propeller shaft 3.5 inches beneath the hull's pad.