Xtreme Heater 300 Watt Boat Bilge And Rv Heater

XTREME Heaters


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Xtreme Heater 300 watt Bilge Heater

Model: XHEAT
  • Suitable for boats up to 24? Length
  • True Forced Air Heating circulates air more effectively and heats more evenly for more accurate climate control.
  • Automatic Thermostat turns the heater on at 40°F and off at 55°F +/-3° — the tightest tolerance available.
  • Fail safe Design cannot overheat. Heating technology is dynamic and self regulating.
  • High Efficiency Xtreme produces heat faster, circulates more air and shuts off earlier.
  • Pre-wired 20ft marine rated power cord with 110V 3 prong plug eases installation.
  • Maximum Life — Designed for durability and reliability.
  • Complete Protection: Fully anodized inside and out.

Xtreme heaters were the first product of it’s type to be tested by the independent IMANA Labs, to meet or exceed Coast Guard and ABYC standards. We then went further, testing our products against MILSPEC (Military Specification) ratings for heat, cold, moisture and vibration. They passed all with flying colors, which has earned their product the trust of our military, where it is installed in special operations vessels, as well as homeland security vessels across our nation.

They chose modern, efficient, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology for the core of our heaters. PTC heaters are self-regulating, offering safety and efficiency gains unmatched by older style resistant element heaters.

Each component in their line of bilge heaters was chosen specifically for the harsh marine environment they live in. A fully anodized aluminum case, a sealed electronics module, marine rated power cord, and our exclusive waterproof fan ensure your heater is the safest and most reliable engine compartment heater available, ensuring years of trouble free operation.

Xtreme Heaters are the most compact bilge heaters available. They can be mounted in any orientation, including vertically, horizontally or even upside down. With our optional Quick Release Bracket, your heater can be installed for the winter and removed for the boating season, no tools required.

Wattage 300
BTU 1023
Startup current 10A 1 second
Typiical currennt 3.5A
Fan flow 40 cfm
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 5.125 inches
Required fuse 15A

What's in the Box:
  • 300w heater
  • 20' cord