Xintex G-2bb Gas Detector 2"" Flush Mount Black Blower Contr



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Xintex G-2BB gasoline Fume Detector and Blower Control

Model: G-2BB-R
  • 2 5/8in square black display with LEDs and silence/test button
  • Automatic ventilation blower control
  • 68dBA alarm will sound and red LED will light at 20% of the LEL
  • Simple instalation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Automatic blower control

Detect gasoline leaks early to prevent personal injury and possible explosions. Built in automatic blower control.

Operating Temperature -40deg F to 185deg F
Input Voltage 9-30vDC
Input Draw 150mA max @ 12vDC

What's in the Box:
  • G2BS-B01-D Display
  • FS-T01-S fuel sensor x 2
  • FS-X01 20' cable x 2
  • MB30RLY relay
  • Manual