Sitex Sp110 Color Auto Pilot Rudder Feedback 9ci Pump



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Si-Tex SP110C Autopilot System with 9 Axis Compass, Rudder Feedback, and 9CI Pumpset

Model: SP110C-RF2
  • Color LCD and simple operation
  • Reliable operation and performance
  • Standard equipped with Rate Gyro Compas
  • Designed to 110mm standard casing
  • Use as a stand alone system or integrate with other equipment
  • Waypoint steering when connected to a GPS plotting system.
  • Steer's to Wind when connected to Wind Instrument system

Now with Color LCD, simplified setup and installation. the SP110C offers easy to use functionality and compact styling. The color display adds continuous readout of Rudder Angles (RFB Mode) and Compass Heading Information

What's in the Box:
  • S110-C Control
  • Rudder feedback
  • 9-Axis Compass
  • Mounting brackets
  • Documentation
  • 9CI Pumpset