Simrad Txl10s6 10kw 6' Radar Open Array 20m Cable 24v

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Simrad HD Digital Radar TXL-10S-6

10kW 6"" open array

Model: TXL-10S-6
UPC: 9420024128916
  • 6-foot open-array antenna with slim pedestal design
  • 72nm instrumented range with 1.2 beam resolution
  • Meets IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications (triggers RACONs and SARTs at 5nm range)
  • Automatic Tune, Gain, and Sea Clutter adjustments in Harbour and Offshore Modes
  • Dual EBL/VRM, Dual Guard Zones
  • TrueColor display for improved target distinction
  • Radar overlay on charts (requires heading sensor)
  • 10-target MARPA tracking (requires heading sensor)
  • iPad/Android tablet control with optional Go Free wireless module
  • Ethernet connectivity, compatible with all Simrad NSE/NSS/NSO multifunction displays

Simrad's HD Digital 10kW/72nm birdfinder radar combines a high performance 6-foot open array scanner with compact pedestal design, and the latest in digital signal processing. Experience unparalleled situational awareness, with exceptional detection of small or distant targets and minimised screen-clutter.

With a proven history of oceangoing reliability, this commercial-grade radar will withstand a sustained wind load of up to 100 knots, and features a long-life magnetron and brushless motor for maximum service life.

Chart Overlay with High Speed Redraw
See radar targets — including other vessels, structures, and weather — directly overlaid onto your navigational charts in real time. Improve your situational awareness, and be confident your navigational decisions are always based on the most current and complete information available. Chart overlay is MFD dependent, and requires an optional high-speed heading sensor.

MARPA Target Tracking
Automatically track up to 10 user-selected radar targets, displaying CPA (closest point of approach) and TCPA (time to closest point of approach). MARPA functionality requires an optional high-speed heading sensor.

Auto Harbour and Offshore Modes
Automatic Harbour and Offshore modes provide tune, gain and sea clutter adjustments to suit the conditions. While easy manual override ensures you’re always the one in control, the TXL-10S-6 provides hands-off operation that even the most experienced radar user can have confidence in.

High Reliability
Suitable for both recreational and non-IMO commercial use, the TXL-10S-6 is built to commercial standards with long-life magnetron, brushless geared DC motor, and IPX6 waterproofing. This array is designed to withstand sustained wind loads up to 100 knots, while maintaining a minimum 20RPM rotation for reliable situation updates whatever the conditions.

Low Electromagnetic Emissions
The TXL-10S-6 meets all current and upcoming Low Emission standards for radar. With ?radiation safe? distance within the turning circle of the antenna, this HD Digital Radar can be operated almost anywhere.

Note: The TXL-10S-6 does not constitute an IMO-approved navigational system for SOLAS vessels.

Water resistance iPX6
Operating Temperature -25° to +55°C
Maximum Range 72nm
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width 1.2° ±10% (-3dB width)
Power Output 10kW
Antenna Rotation Speed 27RPM (min 20RPM at 100 knots)
Antenna Type Low emission open-array pulse radar with Long Life V9 Magnetron Technology
Antenna Vertical Beam Width 20° ±20% (-3dB width)
Radar Warm Up Time 2 minutes
Input Voltage 21.6V — 31.2V DC (24 Volt DC systems)
Input Draw 230W (max in 100kt winds)

What's in the Box:
  • Pedestal
  • 6' Antenna
  • 20m cable