Simrad Sg05 For Optimus 360 Steering Systems


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Click here for a parts list for connecting a Simrad autopilot to Optimus and Optimus 360 steering systems.

SG05 for Optimus 360 steering systems

The Simrad SG-05 CAN-bus Autopilot connects directly to Optimus and Optimus 360 steering systems giving you a fully integrated steering, navigation and autopilot system.

The Optimus steering system is different: Instead of using a manual helm pump, an electronic helm sensor sends signals along a CAN-bus network to the Pump Control Module which powers the hydraulic pump.

Advantages of SG05 and Optimus:

  • With an Optimus steering system installed, the autopilot can be fitted in minutes: simply plug into the Optimus CAN-bus network.
  • No need to Tee into hydraulic lines.
  • The compact design of the SG05 makes it easy to install