Simrad 10kW 4' Open Array Radar w/20M Cable

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10kW 4' Open Array Radar with 20M Cable

The Simrad HD Digital radar ensures exceptional detection of small or distant targets,using advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP). They present targets more clearly and reject clutter using 10-bit digital radar video sampling and Sensitivity Time Control (STC). Screen-clutter in any weather is virtually eliminated allowing a clear, accurate and easy to interpret image.

Chart Overlay
Adding a heading input from an autopilot system or dedicated sensor will allow the radar image to be overlaid on the chart. Targets can be interpreted instantly with respect to chart information such as navigation aides and coastlines.

Color Palettes
Different color palettes are provided to suit users tastes as well as improve viewing in different lighting conditions. In addition, Simrad's HD Digital radars automatically adjust color gradients on distant targets for better target definition. This is especially useful when looking at storm centers.

Guard-Zone Alarms
Easy to use guard zone areas can be defined by the user. This allows the mariner to maintain a radar watch in specific zones. Any radar return or target in that area will trigger an alert on the radar system.


  • 10kW
  • 4'
  • 20M Cable

Manufacturer : Simrad
Manufacturer Part No : 000-11477-001