S-5-4 Adapter Plates - Port, Starboard, or Dual

Hydrilla Gear Inc.


NOTE: Boats without jack plates will require the motor to side mount adapter plate kit (PK-MTOS-PLT) for use with these mounting brackets.

We recommend that side mount adapter plates be used on any of the following jack plates:

  • Slidemaster
  • Atlas
  • TH Marine Z-Lock
  • Pro Hi-Jacker
  • Hydro Dynamics
  • Bob's Machine Shop - (Requires additional side spacer AP-SPCR-SIDE.)
  • SeaStar - (May require additional side spacer. See Addendum.)

For all other brand jack plates, please consult the manufacturer before ordering and installing all side-mounted adapter plates.

All mounting hardware is included. 

Side Mount Universal Bolt Set Installation Instructions.pdf
Addendum - Universal Bolt Set for all Single and Braced Side Mounts Plate Kits.pdf

For non-transom-mounted installations. Power-Pole adapter plate mounting kit mounts  Provides 5" setback and 4" rise. Mounts starboard, port, or both (dual) sides of jack plate.

Available in Black or White.