Raymarine Lnc2 Chart



Raymarine Lighthouse NC2 Chart

Model: R70740
  • Superior Navigation
  • Data-Rich Points of Interest
  • U.S. Coastal NOAA Tide Stations
  • Fishing Hot Spots®, Tips and Waterway Intel
  • Structure, Vegetation and Bottom Composition
  • RealBathy™ Personal Sonar Mapping

Stay safe and navigate with confidence. Derived from official certified navigation charts, LightHouse NC2 displays all of your navigational aids including colored and lighted buoys, daymarks, lighthouses, fog signals, restricted zones and many other useful navigation aids.

Take advantage of a growing list of over 150,000 points of interest such as public access points, marinas, boat ramps, fuel docks, anchorages and ranger stations.

Confidently plan your trips ahead of time with access to more than 1,000 tide stations plotted along the U.S. coastline. Find predicted tidal highs and lows with easy-to-read graphs viewable on-screen.

Head straight to the best fishing locations every time. LightHouse NC2 provides a wealth of expert-verified fishing information tailored to the most popular fishing destinations. Find Fishing Hot Spots® with GPS coordinates that offer species-specific angling techniques, seasonal considerations and bait selection tips. Waterbody descriptions shed light on water quality, shoreline characteristics, seasonal movements and stocking.

LightHouse NC2 accurately displays the location of weed lines, flooded timber, wrecks, artificial reefs and many other fish-holding spots directly on the charts. Easily identify emergent and submergent aquatic vegetation and always know the bottom composition of your fishing grounds.

Create your own bathymetric charts with live sonar mapping. Generate real-time, 1-foot contours on previously uncharted waterways and further improve the accuracy of existing charts. Account for fluctuating water levels by utilizing RealBathy™ tide offset.

LightHouse NC2 charts are available bundled with any Axiom™ MFD or Element™ sonar/GPS display, or sold separately. Save $30 off the regular price with our introductory offer of $49.99 available for a limited time. Visit www.raymarine.com/marine-charts/lighthouse-nc2/ for complete details.