Raymarine Ais950 Class A Ais



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The AIS950 is a Class A Transceiver certified for installation on both SOLAS and subSOLAS class vessels. A commercial grade product, the AIS950 is equally at home on workboats, lawenforcement craft, and on private yachts desiring an AIS device with professional grade features.

The AIS950 has a convenient ""onebox"" design containing the complete AIS transceiver system and LCD display. Simple menu and soft key controls allow full access to all AIS features and functions. The highcontrast LCD display provides clear presentation of AIS target data and is LED backlit for nighttime operation. AIS950 also features an integrated alarm buzzer to keep you alerted to vital information.

The AIS950 is equipped with a stateoftheart radio transceiver system for unrivaled performance and reliability. A single AIS transmitter and three AIS receivers ensures maximum target reception even in congested waterways. The AIS950 is also equipped with a GPS receiver for time synchronization as required by Class A regulations. All of this is built into a compact, rugged enclosure, built to withstand the extreme environment of commercial maritime service.

The AIS950 features 7 serial data ports (4 bidirectional) for connecting to Raymarine and 3rd party navigation systems as well as other shipboard peripherals, like DGPS receivers, gyr°Compasses, and ECDIS systems. For commercialship applications, the AIS950 features a frontmounted pilotplug connection. A dedicated PC serial data connection point is provided for programming, diagnostics or external display connection.

  • Fully compliant Class A AIS product in a single unit.
  • Class A engine delivers unrivalled performance and reliability.
  • 240 x 128 LED backlit LCD display; Rotary encoder for selection and entry; Two soft keys & two menu keys; Alarm buzzer
  • Data interfaces: RS232 38.4k baud bidirectional (PC connection); IEC611622 bidirectional interfaces x 3; IEC611621/2 sensor inputs x 3; DGPS correction data input (ITUR M.8232);
  • Connectors: RF VHF antenna SO239/VHF and GPS antenna TNC female; Data: RS232 9 way D and IEC 61162 50 way D; Power: 4 pin;
  • Operating voltage: 10.8v to 31.2 DC
  • Engineered to operate reliably for years in the toughest of environments and is constructed from a combination of marine grade plastics and metals.
  • International Type Approval:
  • Industry Canada
  • Wheelmark
  • FCC

AIS950 Class A Transceiver Specifications

  Dimensions 138 x 210 x 105 mm (D x W x H)  
  Power 12 to 24V DC  
  GPS Receiver (AIS Internal) IEC 611081 compliant  
  Data Interfaces RS232 38.4k baud bidirectional (PC connection)  
  Data Interfaces IEC611622 bidirectional interfaces x 3  
  Data Interfaces IEC611621/2 sensor inputs x 3  
  Data Interfaces DGPS correction data input (ITUR M.8232)  
  Connectors VHF Antenna connector SO239 (UHF)  
  Connectors GPS Antenna connector TNC  
  Connectors RS232 - 9 way D type  
  Connectors IEC61162 interfaces & alarm relay via 50 way Dtype and optional junction box  
  Connectors Power connector, four pin circular TBC.  
VHF Transceiver
  Transmitter x 1  
  Receiver x 3  
  Frequency 156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 25KHz steps  
  Output Power 12.5W (1W setting available)  
  Channel bandwidth 25KHz  
  Channel step 25KHz  
  Modulation modes 25KHz GMSK (AIS, TX and RX)  
  Modulation modes 25KHz AFSK (DSC, RX only)  
  Bit rate 9600 b/s (GMSK) and 1200 b/s (FSK)  
  Rx Sensitivity < 107dBm @ 20% PER  
  Adjacent channel selectivity 70dB  
  Spurious response rejection 70dB  
User Interface
  240 x 128 LED backlit LCD display    
  Rotary encoder for selection and entry    
  Two softkeys & two menu keys    
  Alarm buzzer    
  IEC 60945 ?Protected? category    
  Operating Temperature 15°C to +55 °C  
  IEC619932, IEC standard, Class A shipborne equipment    
  IEC60945 Edn 4.0 ?Protected? category, IEC standard, environmental requirements    
  ITURM.13713, Universal AIS Technical Characteristics    
  IEC611621/2 Edn. 2.0, IEC standards, digital interfaces    
  IEC611081, IEC standard, GPS receiver equipment