Railblaza Dingy Navigation Light Kit


SKU: WTRAI04411911

Railblaza Dingy Navigation

Model: 04-4119-11
  • Extenda Pole 1000
  • Illuminate i360 All Round White LED light USCG2NM
  • SidePort easily fitted to dinghy transom
  • 1 x fastener pack
  • Handy storage bag with draw string

The Dinghy Visibilty Kit is the perfect companion for small, tiller steered power boats and inflatables under 7 meters that do not exceed 7 knots.

In one convenient, value-for-money pack you get everything you need to comply with the legal requirements in almost every country and territory.

Disassembly when you’re finished is quick and easy, and in the handy storage bag it will stow just about anywhere.

1 x Storage bag
1 x Extenda Pole 1000
1 x i360
1 x SidePort
1 x fastener pack
No wires required
No wires required
Light meets USCG 2nm standards
Pole disassembles for easy stowage
Easily detached using RAILBLAZA SidePort mount
Comes with tidy storage bag
All fasteners supplied