Quick EBSN 20 Electronic Switch f/Bilge Pump - 20 Amp

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EBSN 20 Amp Electric Switch f/Bilge Pump

  • Operation managed by microcontroller.
  • Advanced digital filter to distinguish the presence of water.
  • Extended power supply range.
  • Remote indication of operation status by led or remote control panel (optional).
  • Manual remote pump switch-on by button or remote control panel (optional).
  • Signal for prolonged bilge pump switch on (if led or remote control panel is installed).
  • Protection against excessive battery rundown.
  • Switch-on/switch-off delay to avoid false switch-on/switch-off cycling of the pump caused by the roll of the boat.
  • Functioning over a wide range of environmental temperatures.
  • Resin-coated watertight casing.
  • Easy installation.

Manufacturer : Quick
Manufacturer Part No : FDEBSN020000A00
UPC : 8057090045130