Wireless Foot Switch Advanced - (CM1)

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Innovative Technology

NOTE: DOES NOT WORK WITH C-MONSTER2.0 or MagSync Power Pole units.

C-Monster1.0 Control System puts you in charge.

C-Monster1.0 Control System is the smart technology behind the next generation of Power-Pole shallow water anchors. This monster puts wireless control at your fingertips.

Includes Foot Remote Control with Advanced Switch features:

Multiple control features
Three speed settings - fast, medium and slow
Auto up / Auto down - with bottom sensing
Dual system ready - without additional equipment
Independent control - choose left, right or both (dual anchors)

Installs in less than an hour on most boats
The new wireless system means anchor installation time is faster and you can get out on the water sooner.

Smart phone app
Now take complete control of your Power-Pole anchor(s) right from your smart phone. Allows customized performance options including speed, independent control, synchronization, bottom sensing, and the software updates easily to keep you ahead of the game.


pdf C-Monster Advance Wireless Foot switch Installation Instruction / Warranty.pdf

Wireless foot switch. Compatible with models using the C-Monster1.0 operating system only. Hands-free operation of one, or both of your Power-Pole anchors. Includes speed control and independent/dual control capability.