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Minn Kota Mk110pc Precision Charger 1 Bank 10 Amps

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Precision Chargers On-Board Marine Battery Chargers

It's simple - you can buy new batteries, or start taking care of the ones you already own. Precision Chargers protect your batteries every time you plug them in, so they'll last almost as long as the Minn Kota they're powering

Low-Line Voltage Compensation
Outlets are supposed to put out 120 volts. But overloading outlets or using long extension cords can lower that output, and make charge times go up. That's why our Precision Chargers compensate for low-voltage outlets to deliver a fast, consistent charge, every time.

Automatic Temperature Compensation
Charging your batteries at higher or lower temperatures can damage your battery. But chargers equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation fight back. They sense outside temperature fluctuations and adjust accordingly - providing a fast, accurate charge.

Comprehensive LED Display
From the LED display on our Precision Chargers, you can select your battery type by bank, so your battery gets the exact charge it needs. You can also monitor each bank's connection status, power status, state of charge and selected battery type.

Battery Equalization
Precision Chargers equalize your battery with every charge - cleaning sulfate off the plates to prevent the battery from wearing down. And at the push of a button, you can activate a full, thorough equalization.

Note: only Flooded Lead-Acid batteries should be equalized.

True-Rated Output
Precision Chargers supply your battery with a more consistent 15-amp output - ensuring the fastest possible charge, and getting you back out on the water sooner.

Durable Precision Charger Design
With rugged, marine-grade aluminum housing and fully corrosion-resistant design, our Precision Chargers are built with the durability you'd expect from a Minn Kota. They're also half the weight and more compact than traditional chargers.

Digital Control
A microprocessor-based design enables our chargers to continually monitor the temperature and state of charge of your battery. It means a faster, more regulated, precise charge for your battery - and a longer day of worry-free fishing for you.

Multi-Stage Charging
By controlling the voltage and current your battery gets throughout the charging cycle, our on-board chargers ensure a fast, safe and precise charge.

AC Plug Holder
Included with all of our on-board chargers, this convenient holder keeps the charger plug dry, safe and easily accessible.

Precision On-Board Charger Specifications

  • Waterproof, shock- and vibration-resistant aluminum construction
  • Saltwater-tested, fully corrosion-resistant construction
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, arc and ignition protected
  • For use with 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt systems with 12V/6 cell batteries that are Flooded Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, Starved Electrolyte (AGM/HP AGM) or Gel only (60-180 amp hour rating)
  • FCC Compliant
  • Designed to UL 1236 marine standard

Three-Year Replacement Warranty
They build their chargers to run strong for years. If for some reason yours quits in the first three years, they will replace it for free, and get you back out on the water.