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Macris Industries MIU L10 Underwater Series Size 10 (8") - White

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MIU L10 Underwater Series Size 10 (8") - White

A thin, linear, ultra-uniform underwater light, the MIU L10 is great for tight spaces where a modern, bright, ultra durable light is needed.  At 18W total power with full chip-on-board LED technology, the L10 is available in White, Blue, Ice Blue and Green. 10-30V variable input, with SoftStart, Active Thermal Monitoring, a billet hardcoated Polycarbonate housing and Composite Laminate Technology included.  Perfect for vessels 16-20’ in length, the L10 measures 8 inches by 2.1 inches and 0.350 inches thick (203mm by 53mm by 8.9mm)

Manufacturer : Macris Industries
Manufacturer Part No : MIUL10WHT
UPC : 850025122184