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Lunasea RGBW Handheld 4-Zone Controller w/Color Wheel, 4 Memories, Batteries & Holder

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RGBW Handheld 4-Zone Controller with Color Wheel, 4 Memories, Batteries & Holder

Full Color Mixing RGBW Transmitter

Designed to control our newest generation Lunasea LED RGBWW recessed lights (LLB-46RG-3A-xx). Full color mixing offers over 1 million colors. Allows for control of each color individually or combined for easy dimming. Controls up to four zones. Can be linked to many receivers per zone.


  • Range of 20 Meters
  • Reliable Touch for Color Change and Dimming
  • Uses standard AAA Batteries

Manufacturer : Lunasea Lighting
Manufacturer Part No : LLB-45WG-01-00