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Lunasea Extreme Intensity High Output LED Spotlight - 40° Dual Beam - Natural White

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Extreme Intensity High Output LED Spotlight - 40° Dual Beam - Natural White

As close as you get to HID - The Lunasea 80W Spotlight Light produces the most extreme intensity that goes the distance. The Brightest, Most Intense, Period!

Designed to project useful light at great distances, this light uses the newest and brightest Philips High Punch LED Array available. Utilizing premier optics designed in Finland the LLB-541x provides the most light output.

Philips LED delivers the highest quality of light with industry leading punch for high center beam intensity and uniformity. The tight beams of light enable crisp, intense beam making it ideally suited to replace high power Metal Halide lights. Flux density is maximized with small optical sources to enable the most compact reflectors and narrow beam spots.

The unparalleled quality of light is in part due to LED's that fall within a single 3-step MacAdam Ellipse, ensuring uniform optical performance in the application. And because this Philips LED is hot-tested at 85xC-real world operating conditions-this spotlight will continue to perform for the long term.

Synjet sealed active cooling technology keeps temperature under control even in the worst conditions. Completely machined out of Marine Grade Aluminum and then hard anodized with stainless hardware tackles even the most corrosive environment.


  • 10,000 - 30,000 Point Source Lumens
  • Synjet Advanced Cooling
  • Marine Grade Machined Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Brackets


  • Input Voltage: 85-265VAC
  • Input Watts: 80W
  • 20,000 Lumens

Manufacturer : Lunasea Lighting
Manufacturer Part No : LLB-542C-31-00