Lopolight Red Port Sidelight w/6M Cable - 2nm Black Housing - Vertical Mount

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Red Port Sidelight with 6M Cable - 2nm Black Housing - Vertical Mount

2nm 112,5° Starboard, vertical mount with 6-meter cable.


  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) navigation light
  • The unique and precise definition of light angles
  • Rugged and unbreakable: Precision machined anodized aluminium housing protects the LED’s and electronics
  • Completely waterproof and vibration proof: Interior is fully filled and sealed with special potting resin
  • Waterproof to IP 68+ (submersible)
  • Low power consumption – 70 to 90% less than traditional navigation lights
  • Full brightness with input voltages ranging from 10 to 32 Volts
  • All Lopolights have been tested several times during production, a total of more than 24 hours
  • Easy to install, adaptor and screws included (when applicable)


  • Light Colors: Red
  • Intensity: >5,4 cd
  • Vessel Size: 50M (164')
  • Mounting: Vertical
  • Number of LEDs: 1

Manufacturer : Lopolight
Manufacturer Part No : 301-002-B-6M