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Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger - 4 Bank, 60 Amps

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The PS4 Dual Pro Charger Offers Four 15 Amp Banks for Outstanding Performance

Well-known for its durability, reliability, and outstanding performance, theis Pro Charging Systems waterproof battery charger is every boater's favorite companion on the water. Across a broad range of fishing and recreational boats, Pro Charging Systems keeps boaters on the water longer while extending the life of their batteries on freshwater and saltwater excursions. The Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger is compatible with a wide variety of boating vessels. The battery charger is approved for wet cell and AGM batteries and has DeltaVolt Intuitive charging technology, with battery systems available in 12V — 48V.

 Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger Features

  • Models also available for Gelled Electrolyte batteries
  • Designed for use in fresh and saltwater
  • Dependable, rugged, waterproof construction
  • Independent outputs
  • Fully automatic / multi stage charging
  • Zero spark technology
  • Battery maintenance mode
  • On-board diagnostic codes
  • Temperature compensated
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled
  • LED lights indicate the state of charge
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • No installation restrictions
  • FCC 15 Parts A & B interference compliant
  • DC charge cabels = 5ft. AC power cord = 3ft.
  • approved and meets ISO 8846 Marine standards
  • Ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410)


Model PS4


Four 15 Amp Banks
Total Output 60 Amps
Size Per Unit 7.25"H x 8.25"W x 15.78"L
Weight per Unit 29.8 lbs
Battery System 12V - 48V
Reverse Polarity Yes
Temp. Control Yes
Indep. Outputs Yes
Quick Logic Yes


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Dual Pro PS4 Charge Lithium Batteries?

Yes, the Pro Charging Systems Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger can charge lithium batteries. Our Dual Pro chargers are lithium compatible, meaning the battery charger will work with a majority of lithium batteries out of the box. 

Will a Dual Pro Charger Charge AGM Batteries?

Yes, the Pro Charging Systems Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger is approved to charge AGM batteries as well as wet cell batteries.

What Is a Dual Battery Charger?

Dual battery chargers are a battery system utilizing secondary batteries as well as a starter battery. The secondary battery is then used as an additional power source for your vessel. The Dual Pro PS4 Battery Charger simultaneously charges your main battery independently and the rest of your batteries so you can get reliable power when you need it.