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4" - 10" Fixed Setback brackets

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1.5" of built in lift, and 2 mounting holes, so you can add up to 2.5" of lift.

Thick material and large radius make these the one of the strongest available!

Bob's Machine Shop's new fixed setback brackets provide advantages for all boaters, including improved fuel economy and better top speed.

Setback brackets re-position the motor into cleaner water to increase propeller efficiency and minimize prop slippage. Drag is reduced and the boat exhibits more bow lift, which results in a drier ride. The increased distance between the propeller and the hull also improves boat operation in reverse.

Installing the brackets is easy. Remove the motor and install the brackets in the transom's existing holes. Then re-mount the motor on the brackets.

Because the brackets are designed to fit all motors with the standard BIA bolt pattern, there is no need to plug and re-glass the old holes. The brackets are also pre-drilled with two sets of mounting holes to provide different engine height adjustments. Comes with Bob's limited lifetime warranty.

Bob's Machine Shop's fixed setback brackets are made of one-half inch, heavy-duty 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and can handle up to 300-hp engines. They have the same industrial design and appearance as Bob's Machine's hydraulic jack plates to give an overall look and feel of consistency.