Shakespeare 176-1 18' Cb Ant Ships Truck Collect



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Shakespeare Style 176-1 Marine Big StickT
18 ft. (5.48 M) CB Marine 7.65dB

-wave Coaxial CB antenna

For work boat and large yacht installation, the style 176-1 provides maximum performance and durability for long distance communication.

Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1in-14 thread
SO-239 connector on the side of the ferrule
Suggested mount: Style 410-R Mounting Kit (sold separately)
Two sections
7.65 dBi Gain
Frequency: 27 MHz Citizens Band
Two sections
2 Sections: Base: 120in; Tip 96in
Suggested mount(s): 410-R Shakespeare 176-1 Marine Big StickT Specifications
Band: CB Marine
Antenna Gain: 7.65dB
SWR: 1.5:1 or less at Channel 19
Ferrule: Chrome plated brass
Color/finish: White
DC Ground: DC Grounded - The antenna will read shorted on continuity test.
Limited Warranty: 2 years